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Fresh Flower Vase Arrangement Ideas From The Gorgeous Flower Co

Picture this: you’ve just received some lovely flowers, or maybe you’ve bought a bunch for yourself to brighten up your home. Now comes the tricky part – to create the perfect fresh flower arrangement that lasts AND looks great from all angles.

So we’ve compiled some tips, tricks and fresh flower arrangement ideas to help you create a gorgeous floral decoration for any space. Here’s how you can get started:

Get your tools out

You’ll need a clean vase to display your flowers. Disinfect and half fill it with room temperature water. Keep a pair of scissors handy – the sharper the better. Use a knife to remove any thorns on the stems but be careful not to hurt yourself! You can also dissolve some flower food in the water, which will help your flowers stay nourished for longer.

Prep time

Strip the leaves from stems that might lie below the waterline. You don’t want leaves wilting and falling into the water, as they can rot, creating bacteria, which reduces the life of your flowers, and spoils the look of your arrangement. Remove the outer petals of flowers if they are brittle or discoloured. 

Cut 3-5 centimetres off all your stems at a 45-degree angle. This helps the buds to be as open as soon as possible, allowing your flowers to drink in more water.

Pick the perfect container

An ideal flower arrangement aligns perfectly with the shape of the vase and elevates the space it’s in. If you have a tall vase, be sure to show off more of the lean, green stems. If the vase is short, the floral design should be more compact. 

Start arranging

Arrange the flowers in a criss-cross fashion by placing them at an angle in your vase. This helps to highlight each flower and the foliage used. Spin your vase as you work – that way you get a good look from all sides! A good trick is to start by adding your star flowers in key positions, then follow up with foliage as you go around and outwards. 

Choose a style

There are a many flower arrangement styles you can draw inspiration from:

  1. Classic flower arrangement – the most common arrangement type. Space out stems evenly and add foliage along the edges for a balanced look. Use a complimentary colour palette to show off your fresh blooms. 
  2. Minimal or simple flower arrangement – use one to two colour tones, or one kind of flower. The simplicity creates impact and can help to complement the colour scheme of a room. Make sure you evenly distribute hues so that one side isn’t overdone with a particular shade. Fill in gaps but also check that each flower has its place to shine.
  3. Dried flower arrangement – If you enjoy the boho-rustic aesthetic, this one might be for you. Dried flower bouquets last a long time and are low maintenance. There are also many beautiful varieties to choose from – why not try preserved lavender, pampas grass, cotton flowers, Italian ruscus, or even wheat?
  4. Centrepiece flower arrangement – pick a shallow vase for the table, so people can see and talk to each other without obstruction, and select cascading flowers or foliage that flow over the vase. This style is perfect for your coffee or dining table and it’s a great way to create an artistic structure using heights – keep some flowers (usually your main attraction) taller in the middle and cut others shorter.

Bonus on blooms

If you’re pressed for time to DIY, opt from our pre-made flower arrangements, including our Hand-Tied Arrangements and Gorgeous Jars. We guarantee 5-day freshness for all our flowers, thanks to expert handling including storing them at 5-7 degrees centigrade and transporting them with extra care in chilled vans.

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