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How The Gorgeous Flower Co. Deliver Premium Flowers in Dubai.

You’re about to spend your hard-earned money on some flowers for someone you care about but

how do you know that what you’ve seen online will actually be what is delivered; will the flowers be
delivered on time and will they be good quality? Of course, buying from a company with a good
reputation is a start and at The Gorgeous Flower Co. we pride ourselves on providing premium
flowers in Dubai for same-day delivery.


Buying and storing premium flowers.

Flowers are generally graded by quality, from grade 1 – premium grade – to grade 3. Grade 1
flowers have a larger number of buds per stem (or a larger single flower in the case of a rose for
example) and have longer thicker stems. Grade 1 flowers are considered premium flowers and
generally have a better vase life too. At the Gorgeous Flower Co. we only buy premium flowers
from growers that we have dealt with for many years. Our flowers are shipped to us is a ‘cool-
chain’ which simply means that from the point of cutting our premium flowers they are stored
and transported at between 5 and 7 degrees centigrade – the optimum temperature for fresh
cut flowers – so when we prepare our premium flowers for delivery they are in the best possible


Careful Preparation for transport of premium flowers

Our make-up and distribution facility is also chilled so that your premium flowers will stay as
fresh as possible. As your order comes in we carefully review the details and any additional
customer comments and prepare the flowers for delivery. This process is overseen by a senior
florist whose responsibility is to ensure that the delivery is exactly what has been ordered and
meets our strict quality and presentation standards. Once we’re satisfied that your flowers are
exactly as they should be we schedule the delivery taking special care to ensure it will arrive
within the time selected.



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On-time & on-quality delivery

All of our vans are chilled to the same optimal temperature (5-7 degrees centigrade) so your
premium flowers will stay fresh and unblemished regardless of how hot it may get in Dubai. Our
drivers are trained to handle premium flowers, specifically, how to load and secure the flowers
as well as how to drive in a careful and courteous way. Our drivers have an auto route
navigation app that will route them to the delivery address, even taking account of traffic, to
ensure the delivery is on-time.



Freshness & service guarantee

Same-day flower delivery can, on rare occasions, go wrong. This might be for all sorts of reasons
including unforeseen traffic issues, product failure or miscommunication. In all cases if you’re
not completely happy with your Gorgeous Flowers we will replace and/or refund in full. We will
always take full responsibility and do whatever it takes to make sure you’re fully satisfied – and
that’s a promise!


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