We want our customers to enjoy their Gorgeous Flowers for as long as possible. We always provide care instruction with our flowers as well as flower food that will extend the vase life of your flowers. However, there are some simple tips that will ensure your flowers give you the longest possible vase life, bearing in mind that bacteria are the enemy:

Close up photo of a pink flower
Beautiful pink flowers in a clear vase against a white background
  1. Unpack your flowers, removing all packing including twine that may be used to hold the stems in place.
  2. Remove any leaves / foliage from the lower part of the stem that will be in water (this will help minimise the build of bacteria) 
  3. Wash your stems under a tap – this will remove any bacteria that may have built up from packing to purchase.
  4. Cut a couple of centimetres off each stem diagonally (this will ensure that you create the largest area for your flowers to ‘drink’ from once they’re in the vase) with a sharp pair of scissors or knife (sharpness is important as you don’t want to crush the stems as you cut them).
  5. Clean your vase thoroughly (again, this is about making sure there’s no bacteria in your vase) and fill it with enough clean water to cover about 15cm of the stems, then add you flower food. If you don’t have flower food you can use a combination of plain household bleach and sugar one teaspoon of each in a litre of water will do the trick (you can keep any excess for your next water change)
  6. After a couple of days repeat steps 2 to 5. 
  7. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from ripening fruit (which gives off Ethylene gas which is a ripening agent and not at all helpful when you want maximum vase life).
  8. If you’re having drooping problems with roses, even after you have done steps 2 to 5, try putting them in very warm water, this will help to stimulate the capillary action in the stem and hydrate the flower
Sam cutting stems off a flower
Beautiful bouquet of flowers in a clear vase
Sam demonstrating how to cut the stems and prepare your bouquet in a vase