Be a Gorgeous Flower Club Member!

Join The Gorgeous Flower Club today and earn Gorgeous Points every time you buy from us in-store or online. Everything you spend with us will be awarded to you in Gorgeous Points that you can use for future purchases. 

Please make sure you log-in with your details and not as a guest to receive your Gorgeous Points 😉

The Gorgeous Flower Club - Loyalty

To replace our existing Loyalty Cards we are introducing a more convenient loyalty club that will reward you automatically every time to you buy from us, either in-store or online (if you have an existing Loyalty Card, don’t worry, it will be fully honoured on your next visit to one of our stores)

Why should I join the Gorgeous Flower Club?

  1. 15% of everything you spend with us will be awarded to you in Gorgeous Points that you can use for future purchases.
  2. If you are a member you will receive Gorgeous Points on all of your flower purchases with us, both in-store or online. Gorgeous Points are only awarded on flower purchases and no other product.

How does the Gorgeous Flower Club work?

  1. You will receive 15 x Gorgeous Points for every 100 Dirhams you spend.
  2. Once you have earned 100 x Gorgeous Points you can start to use them against any of your Gorgeous Flower purchases. Your Gorgeous Points can only be redeemed in 100 point increments.
  3. 100 x Gorgeous Points = 100 Dirhams of complimentary spend.
  4. Points are valid for 6 x months from the date of purchase.

How do I join the Gorgeous Flower Club?

  1. If you are an existing Gorgeous Flower Club customer you will be automatically enrolled and will receive an email and SMS confirming the same with a link to your Gorgeous Points account.
  2. If you are not an existing customer simply click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ button above, or visit us in-store. All we need to get you started is your name, mobile number and email – it’s that easy!