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The Gorgeous Flower Co’s Take On Premium Flower Delivery

Whether we are giving, receiving, growing, or admiring them, flowers are nature’s way of signaling something special. We think that they could even crack a smile on the face of that particularly grumpy person you know!


Thanks to the abundance of web stores and flower shops, it’s now easier than ever to buy flowers and have them delivered to you in a matter of hours, whatever the occasion. But how do you know which service to choose for that special occasion? After all, you want to make someone’s day with beautiful fresh flowers, not darken their doorstep with a wilted delivery they’ve waited around all day for. We pride ourselves on our premium flower delivery service for that very reason, so let’s explain what we do.


Customer-centric delivery

When you choose flowers with The Gorgeous Flower Co. (TGFC), we make the purchasing experience as easy as possible. This includes a selection of attractive hand-tied bouquets, beautiful packaging, and a choice of delivery time slots. Our expert team will prepare your flowers in a chilled environment and our delivery specialists will head out with your order in chilled vehicles – because we know how important it is to maintain the quality and freshness of your flowers. Our delivery specialists are not only trained to drive safely, but they also know Dubai like their hometown and know how important it is to handle fresh flowers in the right way – making sure everything goes as it should. 


Your order will arrive on time, no matter the location in Dubai, and you’ll also collect Gorgeous Points if you’ve joined the Gorgeous Flower Club loyalty programme, which can be used for any future purchases with us.


The added TGFC advantage

We take pride in our flower delivery service, but there’s plenty more we do well. The flowers we buy are the industry-best (A1 grade), allowing us to stay true to our promise of high-quality, long-lasting, fresh-cut products. We showcase our flowers in a variety of stunning styles, including hand-tied bunches, ’Gorgeous’ jars, hat boxes, and more. You can order flowers online or in-store at any one of our stores in Dubai


We recently launched the Gorgeous Flower Club Subscription service, which offers a regular delivery of hand-picked seasonal flowers to your home or office. It can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly and comes in three packages – WOW, Extra Gorgeous, and Gorgeous. We produce a weekly video (check out our videos here) to describe in more detail the flowers you’ve received and how to arrange them in your vase – so your flower knowledge will build over time. 


All this (and more) is available at your fingertips when you visit The Gorgeous Flower Co website. Order your gorgeous flowers online today. Here’s to never losing the beauty that a simple flower can bring!

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